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EASTERN ENERGY SERVICES SDN BHD(EESSB) is a privately owned company, committed in providing quality services to our clients.


As a company specialized in artificial lift system, we provide our clients with a choice in all types of artificial lift solutions and a unique integrated approach that can help manage the oil production and achieve our client's financial goals.

Nature of Business


As the company grows over the years, so does our products, services and expertises.


Up to present time, EESSB offers to our customers services in consultancy, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of engineering products, mainly for instrumentation control and process, power supplies and other related areas.


We also offer field services such as troubleshootings and repairs.

Future Overview


EESSB foresee that the Oil and Gas Industry within Malaysia has a stable growth potential over the next decade or more.


EESSB has set up strategic plans although some are still in the conceptual stage or early implementation phase. 


As such, the strategic plans shall only be publicized at a later stage.

Our Products


EESSB supplies the following products:

  1. Gaslift Valves
  2. Insert String/Velocity String
  3. Subsurface Hydraulic Jet Pumps (SHJP)
  4. Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP)

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Our Services


Supply, inspection, simulation, repair, refurbishment, re-setting and testing of Artificial Lift Systems (ALS) equipments, i.e. Gas Lift Valves, Insert String, Subsurface Hydraulic Jet Pumps, Progressing Cavity Pumps, etc. as to achieve optimum ALS performance and well production.


Our Projects



  1. PA for Supply and setting of GLV for EMEPMI
  2. PA for Supply of Insert String for PCSB
  3. Supply & Installation of SHJP for PCSB SBO Tbg-B Platform
  4. Supply & Installation of SHJP for PCSB SKO

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